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Guaranteed Green

Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition; An organization dedicated to making Chicago a more sustainable place to live & eat + More


Educating & partnering to create a more environmentally responsible food system. + More


Helping to lessen the environmental footprint of restaurants, concessions, event spaces, & hotels. + More

You're in good company with GCRC

“This organization is bigger than Mahoney, its members and bigger than the GCRC itself. It is exciting to be a part of something much greater that is purposed and focused.”


“Being a member [of GCRC] links me to other organizations, people, and industry leaders so I can collaborate to share ideas.”


“[GCRC has] been my inspiration to become Guaranteed Green and as a result my restaurants are 4-star certified and recognized as the Greenest in Chicago. This is something I am very proud of and I try to get as many other restaurants involved in sustainability as I can.”


“[We joined GCRC] to be involved in a community where we can collaborate with other foodservice operations in the continual effort to lessen our footprint on the environment. “

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“[We value being] involved in an organization that believes in doing things the right way, and hopefully inspiring other restaurants to follow suit by making green initiatives a priority.”


[We enjoy being] in touch with other local Green Businesses and learning about better practices and products available locally.